I’ve been curious about the Nexus readers lately: Does anybody have a sense of humor anymore? I think it’s great that we have a paper that not only reports the local, relevant news but also gives us some good laughs.

The funniest thing I find about all the people who write in to complain is that they obviously go out of their way to pick up the paper in the first place. If you don’t like what’s in the paper because it hurts your feelings, then don’t read it. I’m getting tired of this back and forth between the writers and the people who get butt-hurt because of what they write. It’s okay to disagree with someone’s opinion, but what these readers seem to be overlooking is that these columns are clearly meant to be funny. As I sit here watching “South Park,” my point is obviously illustrated: Sometimes comedy is mean, but, by virtue of the fact it’s comedy, is not meant to be taken seriously!

So, Nexus readers who hate the Nexus but continue to read it anyway, stop, take a look around you and appreciate the Nexus for what it is. Laugh a little. Life is too short.