There exists only one place where some white guy named Zydrunas, his friend Sideshow Bob, and a midget they call “Boobie” can achieve the NBA’s best record, and that’s firmly planted on the broad shoulders of LeBron James. The man who led his team in scoring, rebounds, assists and all-around bad-assery is going to lead them to one more place: the NBA Championship.

Compiling a 66-16 regular season record, including just two losses at home, is no small feat. Only the 1985-86 Boston Celtics, the best team in NBA history, did better on their home floor. It is because of that extreme home court advantage that the Lakers, Celtics, and everybody else stand pretty much no chance when they come to the house that LeBron built come playoff time.

Now, Kobe fans will bow down to (or bend over for) their idol and say that the Lakers took both regular season matchups. But the playoffs are not the regular season. LeBron doesn’t just crank it up a notch, he brings it to a whole new level. He’s already improved on regular season averages in points, rebounds, assists, and field goal percentage too, and that was just for the lowly Pistons. Just imagine how he’s salivating for the big stage.

If LeBron wants to be the best ever, and I’m guessing that he does, he is going to have to get some ice on those digits and catch up with MJ. He knows that this season is the perfect time to strike down Black Mamba and friends. Where will amazing happen? Lebron’s house. Cav’s over Lakers in 6.