As a student of politics, I am somehow interested in processes as mundane, hapless and quasi-important as A.S. elections. The recent election saw the Open People’s Party take a hold of A.S. with proportions similar to certain third world regimes. Is this a problem? Not. One. Bit. A.S. is what you make of it.

Of course, as a fresh alum, I had no vote on this matter. I would have voted for S.W.A.P. and all those even nominally affiliated with them. Nonetheless, the charges against the victorious OPP are erroneous for want of a comparable opposition. The article in the Nexus (“OPP Dominates A.S. Election,” Daily Nexus, published online April 24) cites hot dogs, cash, and Residence Halls Association experience as apparently insurmountable advantages for OPP. The opposition could have countered with similar tactics, but failed.

If OPP serves hot dogs, serve burgers. They raise cash — raise twice it. They grab up RHA seats — why the hell hasn’t anyone seriously challenged them in that arena for the past three years? At the end of the day, A.S. isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, it usually doesn’t even register on the scale of things that are kind of big deals. I mean, who doesn’t love a six-hour debate in Legislative Council meetings on racism, grammar and the meaning of college life itself? If it means something to you, work harder, better, faster and stronger. Otherwise, just enjoy the time you have in one of the best places on earth.