OF ALL the candidates for all the positions, this was the most qualified set of people we talked to. We’d like to see Clay Carlson, Ashley Day and Hazel Putney stick around A.S. because all of them are quite competent, especially when it comes to local issues.

That being said, we choose Clay for EVPLA because he is simply best for the position. He calls himself a hippie and has green energy and sustainability on the brain. Clay currently has a Goodspeed Internship, which has given him insight into the higher up and more administrative levels of the university and has also allowed him to build a relationship with Michael Young, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. As a representative of students infamous for their I.V. party habits, the EVPLA would benefit from having such critical administrative connections. The EVPLA is the liaison between I.V. and the university. As such, he has to be an expert in both fields. With experience serving both under the administration and with other students on campus, Clay can work with anybody on campus. We trust he’ll be working hard to make his countywide connections just as strong.

Ashley Day is not as informed across the board as Clay is. While Ashley’s knowledge on the Social Host Ordinance is impressive, this is only one issue affecting I.V. She would be great to have on staff as an expert for a specific area, but she lacks the leadership skills the office of the EVPLA calls for.

Hazel Putney is more qualified for a county position than one within A.S. She was born in Santa Maria, which gives her an understanding of both North and South County. However, she’s not as well qualified when it comes to campus and I.V. issues. She cited the Conquest Housing boycott of two years ago as a victory (which, considering people are still filling up Breakpointe and Coronado, it was not), and was not as familiar with the I.V. Master Plan as we feel the EVPLA should be.