Dear Megan,

Here on the eighth floor, we have a very diverse, accepting group of young ladies. We are devoid of haters (especially of the “playa” variety). We do not appreciate your assault upon our tolerant street cred nor your proliferation of lies to the UCSB community (“Freedom of Religion?” Daily Nexus, March 31). This supposed “attack” has been incredibly misconstrued; rather, you have invaded our shared living quarters without authoritative permission and made it impossible for us to use our lounge for its intended purpose.

We graciously accepted your presence and even tried to accommodate you by leaving the lounge in the past. In case you were not aware, FIFTY of us live on the eighth floor, so please forgive us for our heathen use of our kitchenette and study table. We even try to clean up the blood from our ritualistic animal slaughters before you head over.

Feel free to host your group in your own home or a public place, maybe say… the library? We encourage people to express their religions; many of us, in fact, practice Christianity. We have no problem with the content of your meetings, but we do have a problem with people invading our personal space, thus making it impossible for us to study or do our normal activities, such as dancing to doglover199079. Our anger stems from the fact that any influx in voice volume on our part elicits reprimanding glares from our coven of couches that you horde. On top of everything, you then continued to bash those of us who have been so considerate of your weekly meetings prior to the column you wrote. We must now exercise our freedom of speech and respectfully ask you not to return.

You know you love us.


Some select hell-bound souls of the eighth floor of San Nic (some of whom happen to also be Christian).

Karina Sahlin is a first-year physics major and Lauren Carter is a first-year biology major.