Once again we are shocked to see “thermography” being promoted at UCSB to students for breast cancer screening when there is no scientific evidence to support the practice. Students are being misled and possibly financially scammed under the banner of “breast cancer research,” which of course we all support. The American Cancer Society clearly states “no study has ever shown that it is an effective screening tool for finding breast cancer early.” Additionally, it has a very high rate of false positive test results that can create patient anxiety, additional unnecessary procedures and, therefore, harm. Evidently two UCSB students have formed a “Pink Link Breast Cancer Research Awareness Club” and are using UCSB facilities today to promote this unproved use of thermography.

We’re sorry that students are being manipulated about this serious topic. Mammography is still the most effective screening tool for breast cancer, and its use is proven, standardized and subject to extensive quality control. We encourage any student with breast cancer concerns to visit us at the Student Health Center for accurate information, and to be very wary of these promotions.

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