Following through on a campaign promise, 3rd District Supervisor Doreen Farr invited students to join her for a reception at her new Isla Vista district office yesterday.

The small commercial space, located on the ground floor of the Isla Vista Clinic on Embarcadero del Mar, is one of four such offices Farr’s staff will be managing within the 3rd District. Farr, who was in attendance yesterday, said the purpose of the new I.V. headquarters is to provide residents and UCSB students with better access to their elected government, which, on the county level, consists of Farr alone.

“This is such a great community,” Farr said. “We wanted to have a presence here so you can participate in local government.”

The office will hold regular hours Tuesday through Thursday from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. Additional hours may be available by appointment.

“We thought mid-week was best for the I.V. community,” Farr said. “Please call us, please e-mail us. Let us know your concerns.”

Although Farr said that she wants to be available for office hours in Isla Vista, the new office will be manned primarily by Farr’s representative, Esther Aguilera, who was also on hand Wednesday. Aguilera echoed Farr’s call for increased communication between the student community and the government that represents them.

“I look forward to collaborating with administration, students and community residents on issues that are important to them,” Aguilera said.

In addition to curious students, yesterday’s event was attended by members of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol. Among them was a former UCSB student and current IVFP Dep. Matt Bly, who expressed excitement about the new office.

“I think having an office in I.V. is a great idea,” Bly said, noting that the 3rd District office space has been empty in Isla Vista. “I think this will provide people with a separate avenue to take with local government.”