In addition to subpoenaing the university for all information pertaining to the Fall 2008 voter registration drives on campus, Steve Pappas’ subpoena issued Wednesday also requested complete student enrollment records from the school.

According to Pappas’ lawyer Jeff Lake, the records will be used to cross reference names and addresses with the ballots from last November’s election.

“We issued a subpoena for the enrollment records of all students,” Lake said. “We are looking to see the UCSB records showing who’s enrolled and where they live, and we’ll compare that to the records given to us by the county registrar’s office. We want to make sure people are who they say they are and live at the addresses they said they lived at.”

University officials and employees involved with the voter registration drives said they would not speak about the matter until they consult UCSB’s general counsel on Monday.

Although Doreen Farr won the election by 806 votes, Pappas’ legal team alleges that many of the ballots collected at the campus voter registration drives were late or filled out incorrectly. Every ballot cast in the 18 precincts on campus and in Isla Vista is under review.

Pre-trial motions for Pappa’s California Supreme Court suit challenging the election are scheduled for Feb. 9. According to Lake, Pappas’ legal team will wait and see what evidence 3rd District Supervisor Doreen Farr’s attorneys submit at that time. In the meantime, Pappas will focus on analyzing records from the registrar’s office.

“We are about to begin an exhaustive review of the information sent to us from the registrar’s office, who have been very cooperative with our requests so far,” Lake said.

Farr has hired the legal council of Philip Seymour and Frederic Woocher – the same attorneys who represented Willy Chamberlin when his opponent William Wallace challenged him for the 3rd District supervisor seat in 1992. Chamberlin was ultimately unseated.

If the student registration cards are discounted, Pappas will lead Farr by 2, 250 votes.

The trial date is set for Feb. 17.