The Isla Vista Foot Patrol received a phone call earlier this month alerting authorities to the existence of a toxic bomb on the UCSB campus.

IVFP Sgt. Mark Signa said the unidentified male caller notified the station of the bomb threat, made several other unusual statements and then hung up the phone.

“Afterward we forwarded the incident to the UC Police Dept.,” Signa said. “Their office followed up and was able to trace the call to a cell phone.”

The traced call led authorities to 36-year-old Jason Robert Vinson, a noncampus affiliate. Soon after, UCPD established communication with the suspect and Vinson confessed to calling in the bomb threat, Signa said.

“When they made contact with the suspect he said he was affiliated with federal law enforcement and admitted he had made the phone call,” Signa said. “Further investigation revealed he had no relation to federal law enforcement but did have a $5,000 outstanding warrant out for his arrest.”

UCPD tracked Vinson to Arroyo Grande and arrested him on the spot.

“He was taken into custody for the preexisting outstanding warrant and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail,” Signa said.

Since no toxic bomb was ever discovered on the UCSB campus, Vinson was also charged with reporting a false emergency.

“He was also booked for the bomb threat since no evidence of a bomb was ever found and his phone call was the only basis to the threat,” Signa said. “There was never any threat to the campus whatsoever.”