Steve Pappas has subpoenaed the University for any and all information regarding the voter registration drives held on campus last fall.

The broad subpoena – addressed to the University of California, Santa Barbara and issued yesterday – demands that the university provide all information and materials pertaining to the almost 10,000 voter registrations that were part of the campus’ 2008 voter drive. The university has not responded to the subpoena yet, and officials and employees involved said they will meet with the school’s general counsel on Monday.

The subpoena is Pappas’ latest move in a campaign to overturn the 3rd district supervisor race he lost last November. Since December, Pappas and his attorneys have recounted every vote in Isla Vista, requested all of the county’s records and filed a petition with the California Supreme Court to challenge the validity of over half the votes cast in I.V. and on campus.

Although Pappas lost the November election by 805 votes, if the court finds in his favor he will win the seat by about 2,250 votes.

Much of Pappas’ suit focuses on what his attorney calls the “inconsistencies” of voter registrations carried out on campus. Jeffrey Lake, Pappas’ attorney, alleges that campus drive leaders failed to turn in registration cards on time, and also asserts that many forms were not filled out correctly.

Lake has not returned phone calls from Nexus reporters in two weeks.

Pappas based his suit on an initial viewing of 600 voter registration cards from the 18 precincts in Isla Vista and on campus. Yesterday’s subpoena appears to be an effort to confirm his claims.

The school’s general counsel has advised all university officials and employees involved in the registration drive not to speak on the record about the subpoena. Third District Supervisor Doreen Farr referred the Daily Nexus to her lawyers as well.