Reading the article (“No More Mr. 10:47,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 13, 2009), I felt obligated to respond and stand up for those singled out for passing class time in a “disruptive” manner. Yes, Ms. Kosh, in the classroom I am your biggest enemy. I am Mr. 10:47.

I do not intentionally annoy you. I try to avoid your “I am trying to learn” mantra. Annoying you by using my computer to play Solitaire can be easily resolved. I don’t usually like people peering over my shoulder; it kind of creeps me out. That’s why I sit in the last row most of the time — you know, where the “bad kids” sit. We aren’t all courteous, however, so you should try sitting in the front row. That’s right, where the teacher sees your face and gets to know you as being a participating student. This recognition may be pivotal when asking for your A- to be raised to an A.

I was surprised you didn’t mention the constant clicking of my keypad instead. I attempt to help you by typing extremely fast or extremely slow to minimize the sound. I assure you it is done with good measure. To not look at my phone for 50 minutes would leave me trembling with withdrawals and the fear that I may have lost a friend for lacking a response. This is a disease.

As for leaving early, I do agree it is annoying, and I, too, would like to hear every last thing our professors have to say. Sometimes we just have to leave class and can’t help it. Next time, I just won’t unpack my bag.

My advice: sit in the front and continue to learn. I’ll be in the back.