A recent UCSB poll has yielded some rather unsurprising information – that Americans want an intelligent and honest president.

In a survey conducted by the UCSB Capps Center and Zogby International of 3,357 likely voters, the words intelligence, honesty, integrity and leadership popped up most frequently as the key attributes those surveyed hope President-elect Barack Obama will maintain in office.

Nearly one in five voters – 18 percent – said they want Barack Obama to first and foremost be an honest president, while 12 percent listed integrity as the top characteristic they expect in a leader.

Although some might call the poll’s findings obvious, co-author Jim Lichtman said the numbers reflect a sense of wariness from the public about their elected officials.

“Despite concerns for the economy, healthcare and the war in Iraq,” Lichtman said in a press release, “most people can handle the truth. What they can’t handle – what they will not accept – is being misled, deceived or lied to.”

The poll also surveyed respondents about their top priority for the administration. In light of the nation’s current economic woes, 65 percent said they hope the economy is at the top of Obama’s to-do list. Additionally, nearly 2 out of 3 surveyed declared that the best way for Obama to get the nation back on track would be to cut taxes.

Iraq’s perceived importance appears to have diminished according to the poll, with only 19 percent listing it as the most important goal for a future president.

With an open-ended question and answer format, those surveyed were able to offer some words of advice to the next president. Responses ranged from calls for bi-partisanship to the hope that Obama will have “honesty and balls” and the “…ability to listen to others with more knowledge.”