A 29-year-old Santa Barbara resident was arrested for indecent exposure after revealing himself to two female Santa Barbara City College students.

Both women filed indecent exposure crime reports, revealing that the suspect had exposed his genitalia from the safety of his car on two separate occasions. Following an investigation by Santa Barbara Police detectives, Gerson Tomas Chinchilla Castro was charged and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail last week.

The first incident occurred on October 24 in an SBCC parking lot as a female student was exiting her car. The suspect, who was also in a vehicle, had blocked her car in. As the student approached the window of the suspect’s car, she realized he was holding his exposed genitalia and reported the incident to the SBCC security office.

Later the same day, the second victim, a 22-year-old SBCC student, filed an additional crime report with the SBPD.

As she walked across the street at Loma Alta and Cliff Drive, she noticed the suspect’s gold Honda near an apartment complex on the corner of the intersection. The suspect pulled his vehicle over to the side of the street and parked in the red zone. The student assumed the driver would ask her for directions or offer her a ride, and made eye contact as she walked past the car. The suspect, however, looked down at his waist, and the student saw that he was holding his exposed penis. As he drove away, she recorded the Honda’s license plate.

The Santa Barbara Police detectives contacted Castro, who was identified as the registered owner of the vehicle. The suspect agreed to come in to the police station for questioning, and was interviewed by detectives on Nov. 6.

Following the interview, detectives continued the investigation and secured a warrant for Castro’s arrest. He was arrested without incident at his place of employment, and charged with two counts of indecent exposure.