In the last meeting of Fall Quarter, the Associated Students Finance Board allocated $24,150.72 to eight student groups.

The board fully funded requests from A.S. Recycling, A.S. Queer Commission, Gaucho Cinema, Law and Society, Alpha Phi Alpha and Student Veterans, while partially funding requests by the A.S. President and Sigma Chi Omega. The board has $296,307.59 left to disperse this academic year.

A.S. President J.P. Primeau requested financial support to fund the A.S. Student Financial Crisis Campaign, which aims to fight the proposed administrative tax on non state-funded entities. Primeau said the money would go toward printing and mailing door hangers, postcards and rip cards that provide information on the tax to students.

Board member Paige Blatt said this effort will give the student body a chance to become familiar with the university’s financial situation.

“People don’t know about this,” Blatt said. “No one knows about this but us. A shotgun effect needs to happen right now.”

However, board member Jackie Lee said bombarding students with papers will not be effective.

“[The executives] have so much money and no people doing the leg work,” Lee said. “It’s more about engaging people. They’re not doing that, not even [boards, committees and commissions] or student organizations have been contacted. They’re not getting students involved, they’re just throwing things at them.”

The president received $1,920.47.

A.S. Queer Commission was among the student organizations receiving full funding yesterday. Finance Liaison for the Conference Planning Committee Harold Myer, a third-year mechanical engineering major, said the $15,000 being sought would go toward the 19th annual Western Regional Queer Conference, which will be hosted by UCSB this year.

“This conference is meant to educate and empower the queer community and bring communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, together,” Myer said. “Last year there were two hate crimes at UCSB. We will be able to address these issues and come up with ideas to move forward, educate people and prevent these things from happening in the future.”

Board member Darshan Grover said although he though the conference itself was a wonderful idea, he did not think it was fair that BCCs were able to request more money than student organizations.

“I think this event is fantastic, nothing against this event,” Grover said. “The fact that a BCC can come to us for more money than any other organization should be noted before we blindly give away funds.”