Nearly three weeks after the last ballot was cast, the race for the 19th District State Senate seat remains undecided, though Republican Tony Strickland looks poised to eke out a close win.

Democratic candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson currently trails Strickland by 1,328 votes, with approximately 14,000 provisional ballots still to be counted in Ventura County, which, along with Santa Barbara and parts of Los Angeles counties, makes up the 19th District. This deficit is nearly half of what it was last week, when Santa Barbara County had not yet counted all its provisional ballots.

Of the three counties, only Santa Barbara gave a majority of its votes to Jackson. Ventura County — where the remaining ballots lie — has thus far voted 52.14 percent for Strickland.

Jackson must capture approximately 55 percent of the remaining 14,000 ballots in Ventura County to match Strickland’s tally.

Many of the remaining provisional ballots, however, are believed to have been cast by newly registered voters — a majority of whom has voted Democratic this election cycle.

All told, 401,834 votes have been counted in the 19th District. Strickland has received 50.17 percent of those votes, while Jackson’s 200,253 votes account for 49.83 percent of the total.

The California Secretary of State has until Dec. 2 to certify the election results.