Despite election night results indicating that Doreen Farr had narrowly won the 3rd District Supervisor race, her opponent Steve Pappas has not conceded the position.

Although initial reports show Farr leading Pappas by 821 votes, the Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder, Assessor and Elections Office Dept. says 36,000 ballots have not yet been counted. Although there is no telling how many of those ballots are from the 3rd district, Pappas – who currently has 48.4 percent of the reported votes – said he is confident he still has a shot at the seat.

“It’s not over,” Pappas said. “We are not done yet.”

Despite numerous attempts, Farr could not be reached for comment. On Tuesday night, however, she told the Santa Maria Times that she had faith in her victory.

“I think that I’ve won, and I don’t think that will change,” Farr told the Times.

According to the county elections office, the majority of the remaining ballots are absentee, with roughly 6,000 provisional ballots also in the mix.

The county does not know which district each ballot came from, but Pappas said he was believed there were enough uncounted 3rd district ballots to affect the outcome.

“If you figure there are 36,000 total in the county and five districts,” Pappas said, “that is about 5,000 to 7,000 in the 3rd District.”

In total, 27,311 votes were cast in the 3rd District, excluding the absentee and provisional ballots yet to be reported. Farr garnered 14,032 votes, with Pappas trailing close behind at 13,211.

Within the student population, Farr received 5,481 votes from UCSB and I.V. precincts, while Pappas received 3,044.

Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder, Assessor and Elections Office plans to release an update of the election results on Friday, by which time they hope to have the majority of the remaining ballots counted.