Editor, Daily Nexus,

I love Barack Obama, but I’m not completely out of touch with reality. It pains to admit it, but Barack Obama cannot fix or save everything in peril. Because of this, I realize that local issues matter, too.

Sure, Obama will lead us with a green energy policy and make our environment a top priority, but he can’t save the Gaviota Coast from out-of-town developers and McMansionization. Sure, he will stand up to big oil and stop giving them billions in corporate welfare, but he can’t stop Greka Oil from spilling in our creeks. Sure, he will update and safeguard our infrastructure, but he can’t patch up potholes in the streets of Isla Vista. Sure, he has inspired millions of new people to join the political process, but he can’t facilitate consensus for the Isla Vista Master Plan. Sure, he supports working folks and students, but he can’t bring back our I.V. housing inspector.

Fortunately, I know someone who can do all those things and work on local issues with us — Doreen Farr. Doreen is running for 3rd District supervisor and has the vision and experience to best serve our local environment and us.

As former county planning commissioner, Doreen is already informed and extremely knowledgeable about county issues. At a recent forum in Goleta, a simple audience question about county-owned property and possible revenue streams stumped her opponent, but Doreen impressed the audience with her in-depth and thoughtful answer.

Most importantly to me, Doreen connects with voters and specializes in facilitating community planning. She got her start in public safety issues by organizing her neighbors to demand safer streets. She also has the endorsements of many respected organizations, including the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept., the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, P.U.E.B.L.O. and the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee. The broad base of Doreen’s support from throughout the county is very impressive, from students to local business owners and many in between.

So, while I love Barack Obama and know he’ll be great for the United States, we must take an interest in local issues, as well. You can start by voting for Doreen Farr for 3rd District supervisor on Nov. 4.