UCSB’s Improvability comedy group filled every seat of Embarcadero Hall on Friday night for its special, politically inspired “Obama Show.”

With just over a week until the national elections, the Improvability members put on a show that bashed and beat not only the candidates but the entire political environment.

The group’s organizer, Gilli Nissim, a fourth-year political science major who has been a member of the team for four years, said she was pleased with the turnout for the event.

“People are pleasantly surprised [with the performances],” Nissim said. “Once people see a show, they’re immediately hooked.”

McMaster’s Steak and Hoagie, the Flower Guy, Berrilicious and the I.V. Deli Mart co-sponsored the evening and provided raffle prizes that ranged from gift certificates to a vase of flowers.

Third-year film & media studies major Heather O’Brien said that she has been coming to the shows since she was a freshman.

“The shows have similar games from week to week, but the audience suggestions make sure to keep [the show] different and funny,” O’Brien said. “I like the Facebook game the best. [They] pick an audience member’s Facebook and do a skit making fun of their pictures and wall posts.”

Some of the games played this past Friday included “Foreign Politician Interview Expert,” “Press Conference” and “Truth, Truth, Run, Run.” The political spin on the games brought the most laughs from the packed crowd.

The show, which according to Nissim was strategically placed on the first night of Parent’s Weekend, enticed large numbers of freshmen and their parents.

Nissim added that those interested in live shows should be on the lookout during the next couple of weeks for the USC improv group, Second Nature, which will be coming up to Santa Barbara for what she promised to be one hell of a improv duel.

The group performs every Friday night at 8 p.m. at Embarcadero Hall; it costs three dollars for students and five dollars for all others.

“Improv is the everyman’s theater,” Nissim said. “And hell, it’s cheaper than a movie.”