According to UCSB’s annual crime report, there were only four drug arrests in Isla Vista during the 2007 school year.

The same report says the Isla Vista Foot Patrol arrested 1,280 fewer individuals on alcohol charges in 2007 than it did in 2006.

The report, which was originally released two weeks ago by the Division of Student Affairs and is referred to as the Clery Report, has left officials scratching their heads.

When it was initially issued, the survey lacked any statistics for I.V. Now, the report has been updated to include I.V.’s stats, but the new numbers seem detached from reality.

When asked about the accuracy of the report, IVFP Lt. Brian Olmstead said the numbers do not match his department’s records.

In the past year, Olmstead said the IVFP has cited 848 individuals for Minor in Possession, 12 for furnishing alcohol to minors and 513 for open containers. He said the IVFP arrested 545 individuals on Drunk in Public charges and 16 for Driving Under the Influence.

In total, the university’s Clery Report records only 194 liquor law arrests in I.V.

“Obviously, we’ve done far, far more citations and arrests than 194, but I don’t know what stats they’re citing since it’s their data,” Olmstead said.

“Obviously, their stats are completely different, so I don’t know what they deem a liquor law arrest,” he added.

Barbara Ortiz, special projects coordinator for the Office of Student Life, said the statistics seemed inconsistent with past years.

“It does look a little strange,” Ortiz said.

Sgt. Erik Raney of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol said the statistics could potentially have been misinterpreted or not reported correctly.

“The UC does have deadlines for getting these statistics in and it’s quite possible we didn’t have them in on time,” Raney said.

Ortiz also said universities are under pressure to meet the publication deadline to avoid financial repercussions.

“Every university and college has to put in their statistics by Oct. 1,” Ortiz said. “The implications of not submitting the report and putting the info up on our Web site could result in fines and loss of financial aid for our students.”

Raney said he was perplexed that the report says the university was home to more crime last year than Isla Vista. He said the unincorporated town’s reputation and past Clery reports indicate otherwise.

“I.V. holds the majority of crime statistics for the county,” Raney said. “I would assume we would have more than the university.”

While UCPD spokesman Sgt. Matt Bowman said the report was put together in accordance with state guidelines, he refused to address the apparent discrepancy.

“The statistics were complied in state mandate and we work in conjunction with the state to report these statistics,” Bowman said. “We take it very seriously. I know there are limitations with regard to what is actually included in the reporting. Beyond that, with this allegation with the inconsistency [of the report], I cannot comment.”

Statistics provided in the report are compiled by local law enforcement, including the California Highway Patrol, UCPD, I.V. Foot Patrol, the Santa Barbara City Police, the Santa Barbara Sheriffs Dept. and the Office of Judicial Affairs. After accumulation, the crimes are listed in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, which standardizes crimes for campuses nationwide.