Life-sized condiments, live dance performances and freebies abounded at the 24th Annual Activities Faire yesterday.

The festival, held in Storke Plaza, presented students with the opportunity to join over 150 different clubs, organizations and causes. Those tabling included animal rights’ supporters, greek life enthusiasts and members of various cultural organizations.

Tony Tran, who was representing the Vietnamese Student Association, milled about the fair in a giant soy sauce costume trying to attract new members. Tran, a third-year business economics major, said the costumes were a good conversation starter and helped inform students about the upcoming All You Can Eat Pho Night at the MultiCultural Center.

“Everywhere we go we get a lot of attention,” Tran said. “There’s nothing like giant condiments.”

Meanwhile, traditional dances from groups such as Iaorana Te Otea and Cosa Meara generated the loudest response from the crowd.

While watching the entertainment, Anh Nguyen, a fourth-year Asian American studies major, said she was most excited for a particular fraternity performance.

“I am anticipating the Alpha Phi Alpha step because they are my friends,” said Nguyen. “And I hear they are really good.”

While tabling at the faire, Alicia Avila, a third-year global studies and film & media studies double major, said her club MUJER was very successful in recruiting new members.

“Since the beginning of the quarter we have been getting a lot of new members, first years and transfer students, so there is a good mix,” Avila said. “Also, a lot of returning students who weren’t in the club before have been coming to see us about more information.”

UCSB Dance Team member Alyssa Krier said spectators rushed to the Dance Team booth following their routine.

“A lot more people are coming after seeing us perform,” Krier said, a second-year psychology major. “We have gotten a lot of sign-ups.”

As for attendees, Alyssa Avila, a second-year psychology major, said she was impressed by the number of organizations in attendance at the fair.

“It’s really cool to see organizations coming together and uniting,” Avila said. “It’s great that they are giving out so much information.”