Editor, Daily Nexus

Every day, before I go to class, I grab an issue of the Daily Nexus and skim the front page to head straight for the Opinion section. I always enjoy reading the slightly biased political articles or how someone hates the I.V. Master Plan, however, when I came across the article entitled (“Step Inside the Editorial Room,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 14), I was a little surprised, to be honest.

The paper explains that the reason they print the most outrageous articles in the opinion section is because it’s the student body’s “First Amendment” right… but is it? A closer look at the First Amendment and you’ll see it reads “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.” That means Congress, as in the federal government, can’t make a law saying the Daily Nexus can’t print something.

Basically the federal government can’t stop anyone from printing something illegal like libel, copyrighted material, and all that jazz. You can bet your ass they can press charges after you have, but they can’t actually stop you from doing so. Thus, if some private entity, like the Daily Nexus for instance, chooses not to print something in its newspaper, no First Amendment right is infringed upon.