Obama is steadily climbing ahead in the polls, the media’s crush on Palin is finally subsiding and McCain just seems erratic, cranky and old. So Democrats have nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.

The “change” that Obama speaks about will not come as soon as he walks into the White House. No, he alone will not be able to provide universal healthcare, pass a comprehensive global warming plan, fix the economic crisis, stop the genocide in Darfur, end the war in Iraq and provide more funding for higher education in one swoop. Change is going to take time. And change will also take the right elected officials not only in the White House and in Congress, but right here in our own back yard.

Did you know that former California State Assemblywoman and UCSB professor Hannah-Beth Jackson is running to be our state senator? The battle for the 19th District seat is the hottest race in the state. If Hannah-Beth Jackson wins, we will have a much-needed advocate in the State Legislature to fight for the rights of students, families and workers as well as to protect our environment. Hannah-Beth is on the right side of issues that matter to us. If you want a state senator who will fight for you, you must fight for her in Isla Vista.

Doreen Farr is running for 3rd District supervisor, which is Isla Vista’s only elected county official. How many of you are angry about unnecessary development along the coast, complications with the Master Plan, shady landlords or the Isla Vista Foot Patrol? Doreen is the only candidate who has plans to work with all I.V. residents. She will re-open the supervisor’s office in Isla Vista and actually staff it so that residents can speak directly to her about their concerns.

Also, she is the only environmental candidate in this race. She’s endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. She has also gone on public record about how she is going to save the Gaviota coast from McMansionization, as she did at the recent supervisor’s hearing on the pending Naples coast development. Doreen will also stand up to big oil. She is the swing vote needed to repeal a controversial letter the current board narrowly approved to send to the governor in favor of increased oil drilling off our coast. In the past, the 3rd District supervisor race has been extraordinarily close, determined by as little as an eight-vote margin.

As you can see, the stakes of this election reside not only with our decision for president, but down the whole ticket. There are only 20 days until the Nov. 4 election. Make sure you register to vote (the deadline is Monday, Oct. 20) and help get out the vote.

We can’t win this election if you just sit on the couch and play Sarah Palin drinking games. If you want change, prove it. Come to Campus Democrats weekly meetings, go door to door with us in Isla Vista to talk to students about the election, help us phone bank… There are so many ways to get involved in this election that there really are no excuses. The Campus Democrats are here to help you get involved in the fight for change.