A man was stabbed in Isla Vista this weekend in an altercation the Isla Vista Foot Patrol says may have been gang-related.

The stabbing, which occurred on the corner of Del Playa Drive and Camino Pescadero, took place at approximately 1:30 a.m. Saturday. According to Lt. Olmstead of the IVFP, deputies arrived on the scene while two subjects were still engaged in a fight.

“Basically… a group of people at the intersection of Del Playa and Camino Pescadero got in an altercation,” Olmstead said. “Deputies walking on Pardall [Road] saw two subjects fighting. After approaching them and investigating the scene, they found that one of the people involved had been stabbed in the back of the shoulder area.”

According to Olmstead, certain statements made at the scene by the persons involved have led investigators to consider the possibility of gang involvement in the stabbing.

“Detectives are looking at it as a possible gang-related incident, but that’s still under investigation,” Olmstead said.

Tyler Firth, a second-year SBCC student who lives on Del Playa, was alerted to the incident by shouting in the street outside his house.

“There was a bunch of shouting and yelling outside, then all of a sudden there was dead silence,” Firth said. “Then the screaming started.”

Deputies arrested one individual for involvement in the stabbing, while the victim was transported to a local medical center for treatment. According to Olmstead, neither the victim nor perpetrator is associated with UCSB or SBCC, nor were the individuals residents of Isla Vista. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. believes the victim was visiting from out of town and the other individual is from the larger Santa Barbara area.

Firth said that violence so close to home was cause for concern.

“I felt that my life was in danger,” Firth said. “If people are running around stabbing each other right outside my house – it was scary, dude.”

Although the individuals may have been drinking prior to the incident, none of the persons involved were intoxicated, authorities said.

According to Firth, there was still evidence of the violence the next day.

“We went skating the next day and we looked around – there was blood all over – it was a pretty heavy scene,” Firth said.