A new restaurant opened its doors on Trigo Road this month, adding fresh ideas and delicious breakfast options to the Isla Vista dining scene.

The International Café, located at 6578 Trigo Rd., celebrated its grand opening on Oct. 3. The cafe, which is open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily, offers patrons a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. And while, like many restaurants in Isla Vista, they serve standard fare such as sandwiches, salads and pasta, it’s the all-day breakfast menu that makes the restaurant unique, according to owner Steve Rhim,

Rhim said he opened this branch after his Goleta restaurant of the same name proved popular with students.

“Our first location had lots of success, and lots of students were coming in on the weekends,” Rhim said. “We thought that opening another location in I.V. would be successful because there aren’t a lot of places open for traditional, American-style breakfasts.”

Kathleen Vizconde, a fourth-year business economics major and server at the cafe, said she agrees that the breakfasts are what truly set the restaurant apart from other I.V. establishments.

“It’s definitely the first real breakfast place in Isla Vista,” Vizconde said.

Besides its hearty breakfasts, Rhim said International Café prides itself on its service. Unlike most eateries in I.V., customers place an order at the counter before having their food brought to them by a server.

“We think about the students a lot,” Rhim said. “The students deserve better service and treatment. We want to have more sensitivity to the customers.”

After ordering huevos rancheros, Cassy Smith, a second-year psychology major and first-time customer, had nothing but positive reviews.

“They’re unique but flavorful,” Smith said. “I would recommend it. I really would.”

According to Vizconde said, International Café also tries to cater to the average college student’s budget. The cafe features special deals, such as reducing the price of certain side orders to $1 with the purchase of a sandwich. In addition, the portions are massive.

“You’ll have so much food that you’ll have leftovers,” Vizconde said.

With a variety of options and attentive service, Rhim said his restaurant adds a new spin to dining in I.V.

“Basically, I want everybody to come in and try it once,” Rhim said. “Give us a chance to prove to everybody that we are serious about our food and service. I’m pretty sure I could impress the people here.”