Editor, Daily Nexus

In response to Jenni Perez’s column, (“Lick Up Seductive Lingerie” Daily Nexus, October 8) she says: “all we really ask for is acknowledgment of our effort — it is for you. So curb the caveman and admire for a minute. Tell her she looks beautiful. Make her turn around. Smack her ass. We dig that shit.”

I’m not sure what “we” Jenni Perez is talking about, but as a girl who does wear lingerie, this kind of response is never what I’m looking for. When I dress up in fishnets and corsets and what-have-you, I don’t do it for whoever I’m banging. I don’t go into Victoria’s Secret looking for something my guy would like. I do it because I think lingerie is cute, for the same reason I bought this top I’m wearing or the jewelry I buy.

I do it to make myself feel sexy, and I couldn’t give a damn what my partner thinks. If he ever “made me turn around and smacked my ass” I’d probably smack his face. I get what the writer was saying for the most part in the article, but that last line is just ridiculous, if not slightly offensive.