Living in America is starting to scare me. No, I am not a pussy or someone who worries about everything, but I really think that about 40 percent of people that live in America are insane. How did I come to this hypothesis? Well for one, Republicans and Sarah Palin supporters make up roughly that percentage of the population. And people that support these two are in my opinion, absolutely insane.

The other day, I came across a story about what some people have been screaming out at McCain and Palin rallies. McCain has been doing this thing where he asks the audience, “Who is Barack Obama?” Of course, some inbred redneck guy who is probably illiterate, screamed out “terrorist!” Just when you think people can’t get any dumber, in the middle of another rally, someone told McCain to “kill him,” referring to Obama, and another screamed out “off with his head.”

Woah. Besides these KKK-like supporters, the more moderate and less outspoken McCain supporters are also insane. Keep in mind that the guy is a dinosaur and yet he talks about being a maverick and change and shaking things up. What 72-year-old man would even want to make changes to his daily routine? They know what they like to do, they know what they believe in and they don’t like changes. Fuck, they’ve been doing it for 72 years! Change is not coming with McCain.

Also, I can’t neglect the fact that McCain supporters are voting for someone who is from the same party as George W. Bush. Are 40 percent of Americans masochists? The economy is in the toilet, we are in a bullshit war and nothing beneficial has occurred in the past eight years. We’ve taken a collective step backward. I know Bush and McCain are different people, but they have both supported each other’s campaigns, they believe in the same “economic fundamentals” and have a similar theory on the war in Iraq. As we have seen from Bush, these beliefs are shit.

Now I must bring up the people that are the most insane: Sarah Palin supporters. I would like to start this off with a question: Has she really said anything intelligent since being thrust onto the political stage? Besides having a really annoying Fargo-like accent and kind of being a MILF (come on, a little bit), throughout that entire debate she didn’t do or say anything interesting or intelligent at all. However, the people on CNN’s post-debate show and Americans in general ate that shit up! Were we watching the same debate? All that I really heard from her was that she was a mom and she was going fight for America. I was left with no idea of how she was going fight for America or which Americans she would actually fight for. I was also left with a question: When did being a mom and a fan of hockey make you qualified to be the vice president?

Even though I love my mom and she can run the shit out of my house, she is not ready to deal with America’s problems. I know Palin has slightly more foreign relations experience than my mother, being closer to Russia and all, but my mom knows way more about Mexico, because she’s closer. Which brings me to an important point: Isn’t the executive cabinet supposed to be filled with the most exceptional Americans, rather than the most average? Being average should make you less qualified, not more qualified.

I would like to conclude with saying I don’t advocate voting for Barack Obama necessarily and I’m not sure that he will solve all of our problems. However, I think that we stand a better chance at seeing real change by going outside of the current party that is running the presidency. If you want to vote for Nader and be like a Clippers fan in L.A. then go for it. Just remember you are going to lose anyway. So my suggestion is, either vote or don’t vote. And play my election drinking game. Chug a beer whenever a set of polls closes, chug a beer whenever somebody says that McCain or Obama “must win this state,” and chug a beer whenever they project a winner of a state. So even if your guy loses, you won’t care anyway! Just please don’t be insane. Don’t vote McCain.