Editor, Daily Nexus,

Wow. I’m saddened that someone could be so proud to spew blatant homophobia, sexism, racism and downright idiocy on our campus (“Isla Vista Has Lost Its Spunk,” Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). Is this what it means to be college-educated in our society? How embarrassing.

Among the offensive terms Max Bottaro used in his column are, “faggot,” “gay,” “butt-buddies,” “whores,” “bitches” and he even managed to squeeze racism in when he questioned why the cops would approach he and his friends considering that they “weren’t being black.” His suggested names for Santa Catalina included “Sex Cocks,” “Super Cocks” and “Sloppy Cunt.” Ya, man, I’m sure the university leaders are kicking themselves for not consulting you and your brilliant name-generating talents when they changed the name last year. What a shame.

Seriously though, I’m not surprised that there have been hate crimes in I.V. lately when I read an article like this. Max claims to “have nothing against gay people,” but he didn’t seem to understand homophobia in the least bit. His fear of people who live differently than he does is palpable. While I recognize that this article was likely a sad attempt at humor, I hope readers realize that this kid hardly represents the masses at UCSB who know how to have fun without cutting down others. This year, I hope students are inclined to prove that we have more interesting, constructive ways to use our voices by getting involved on campus and in our community to make positive changes. Our campus has a number of clubs and resources for people who support sexual diversity and women’s rights and want to challenge inequality. Check out the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity, the Women’s Center and feminist studies classes so that you never accidentally embarrass yourself the way Max just did.