Editor, Daily Nexus,

When Sen. John McCain came back from Vietnam to find his swimsuit model wife horribly disfigured, overweight and five inches shorter from a car accident, he spent the next seven years sleeping with other women.

Finally, he dumped her and the children to wed the wealthier heiress Cindy Hensley for her father’s money and political connections, only 20 days after his divorce was finalized.

That’s right. Cindy was the “other woman.”

Why is no one in the media reporting this fact?

McCain is the top representative of the same party that amusingly claims the moral high ground, the party that brought you the Clinton impeachment movement, and the party that was outraged when Sen. John Edwards publicly admitted a single instance of infidelity.

Because McCain’s behavior is far more despicable and broader in scope than that of either Clinton or Edwards, it deserves at least equal media attention.

The ethical track record of a presidential candidate is critically important to us as voters, so that we may make an informed decision as to who we should choose to be the next leader of the free world. The person we elect will represent all Americans, and John McCain’s history of despicable behavior makes him a poor choice to represent our country.

This under-covered story is not only relevant to our decision; it is our collective duty to consider it.