Dirty South beats will dominate Storke Plaza on Saturday when Three 6 Mafia – the only rap group to ever win an Oscar – brings its Memphis sound to UCSB students.

Three 6 Mafia – best known for the award-winning song “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” – will be performing at the annual Associated Students Program Board Welcome Back show along with hip hop duo U-N-I and UCSB’s own Milkman. The free concert, which begins at 9 p.m., is open only to UCSB students.

Concertgoers will need to present their ACCESS Cards upon entry to prove their UCSB student status. Organizers said they decided to restrict entry in an effort to prevent an anticipated onslaught of out-of-towners and to minimize security issues.

Mac Cerceo, who said his favorite Three 6 Mafia song is “Sippin’ on Some Syrup,” said he is in favor of the recent decision to make the event just for UCSB students.

“It’s good to keep the concert just for UC students instead of those mooching City College students,” Cerceo, a first-year communication major said. “[The show is] a good way to release stress. I should probably talk to you after the concert to see if it works.”

Additionally, Matt Hewliu, a second-year biology major, said the concert is a perfect way to kick off the new year.

“Events like this create a fun atmosphere for our student body,” Hewliu said. “It’ll give everyone a sense of pride about our campus because we can book a band that big. I feel like right now the type of music that our generation listens to fits Three 6 Mafia’s style, so I think starting the year off with a bang and getting a group that’s in right now will erase all doubts that freshmen had coming here.”

During the show, attendees can expect to hear favorites such as “Lolli Lolli (Pop that Body),” “Poppin’ My Collar” and “Stay Fly.”

“I love ‘Azz & Tittiez’!,” Hewliu said. “That’s such a fun song. I think that their beat will definitely get the ladies moving. I’m really excited to see them.”

After brainstorming for different acts that would suit UCSB’s vibe, Sina Sadighi, the ASPB Special events coordinator, said the board contacted Three 6 Mafia’s agent and the group agreed to add some shows in California in order to appear at UCSB.

“Every year we try to do [the Welcome Back show] bigger and better, and this year is no different,” Sadighi, a fourth-year political science major said. “We asked Three 6 Mafia because they’re really popular and we knew they did shows at schools. They’ll be playing at a mix of college campuses and clubs.”

Sadighi said ASPB plans events like the kick-off concert as safe alternatives to the notorious Isla Vista party scene.

“We want to distract people from I.V. as much as possible,” Sadighi said. “We also do the Welcome Back show every year to introduce freshmen to the A.S. Program Board and the events we do on campus.”