We at the Daily Nexus would like to introduce you to the Opinion section. It’s a nifty little place where people, appropriately, write their opinions. You’ll notice that it’s different from news — do not be alarmed! Please, for the love of Buddha, do not call us and complain that we are not “upholding the ethical standards of journalism” when we run a column you don’t agree with. Know what you should do when you disagree with something in the Opinion section? Write to us!

This is your page, kids. Irritated by GOLD already? Looking to enlighten everyone on proper roommate etiquette? Tree-hugging, bleeding-heart, I’d-rather-go-naked-than-wear-fur type of person? Well, gosh dang it, the place for you to preach to around 20,000 people is right here! The Daily Nexus accepts letters and columns from all students, staff and faculty members, as well as local community members.

Here are the rules of the game:

Columns, which are your own, original ideas, are 700 words long. Your unique theory on the resurging popularity of Ray-Bans and the simultaneous comeback of the peace sign goes here.

Letters to the Editor, which are shorter responses to other columns or articles, should be kept to 300 words. Your “why I completely disagree with the Daily Nexus endorsements in every way, shape and form” piece goes here.

Speaking of endorsements, you’ll also see those and Staff Editorials here from time to time. When we Nexites get pissed about something — which is fairly often — we’ll get together and write an editorial about it. Staff Editorials are the consensus of the Nexus editorial board as a whole, as opposed to a column, which is solely the opinion of the author. We employ a few weekly columnists, each of who has a specific topic. The sex, drugs and drinking columns will shock your parents and at the same time reaffirm your love of UCSB.

So after you’ve completed your eloquent argument about why the De La Guerra Dining Commons should be renamed “Bubble Toes,” you’ll want to save it in a .doc format, attach it to an e-mail and send it to us at opinion@dailynexus.com. When you submit your letter or column, you give us permission to edit it for length, grammar and clarity. If you write a 900-word column, you can bet your booty that you won’t see the whole thing in print. If you don’t want us to edit your columns and letters too much, just stick to the appropriate word limit.

A warning before you freak out when your column doesn’t get printed: We have full discretion in choosing what goes in the paper and online and what doesn’t. We will try our best to run everything, but seeing as we’re on a campus with tons of brilliant and opinionated people, we just don’t have room for all the letters and columns we receive.

And that’s pretty much it. Easy enough, right? Now what are you waiting for? Quit reading and get to writing, freshmen!