Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing to express my disappointment in the university’s allocation of funds — most notably, that eyesore at the freeway entrance to the school. Not only could that money, wherever it came from, have been better spent repairing areas on and off campus, but the trucks that were used during construction further damaged the roads and parking lots.

I live in Storke Family Housing Apartments. After the rains last year, maintenance put dry patch on the road leading into housing. I was hoping that was a temporary fix until the rainy season had passed, but they still have not been fixed correctly. In fact, the dry patch is coming up and leaving debris in the road.

I have to get up onto a stepladder every week and wipe black mold off the walls and ceiling because the buildings were built in a swamp and without proper ventilation in the bathrooms. I’ve thrown out at least $50 in food because the buildings all have holes in them and ants get in and attack my pantry. And to top it all off, we’re stuck here another year because classes keep closing and my husband can’t get into the last five general education classes he needs to complete his major. With our rent going up, fees going up, gas going up, grocery prices going up, and my classes shrinking, it would be nice to see some more responsible spending on the university level, instead of building another bridge to nowhere.