A public forum held in Isla Vista Theater last night for the UCSB Long Range Development Plan – a campuswide construction plan that directly impacts the future of UCSB – was attended by just one student.

The LRDP, referred to as UCSB Vision 2025, details plans for campus renovation and development to be executed by the year 2025. The plan was designed to accommodate an anticipated 1 percent per year enrollment growth, forecasting a student population increase of 5,000 by 2025.

The 2007-08 Associated Students President Stephanie Brower said she was outraged at the lack of shared decision making with students and Isla Vista residents, as well as the timing of the forum.

“One of the biggest issues with this meeting is it really violates the issue of shared governance,” Brower said. “It is extremely disturbing that … a meeting as important as the LRDP Public Forum is held during Dead Week.”

Brower said the plan threatens the culture of UCSB and the character of Isla Vista. Among other renovation projects, UCSB Vision 2025 seeks to demolish the Pardall Tunnel and uproot the eucalyptus trees lining Ocean Road to clear space for additional shops and housing.

“The unique character of our community is one of the greatest parts of being a UCSB student,” Brower said. “No equitable decision regarding the future of UCSB and Isla Vista can be made without providing an appropriate, accessible place for students at large to express their concern. Any large changes to Isla Vista should be grassroots, initiated by the students and residents of Isla Vista rather than imposed by non-resident agendas.”

Tye Simpson, UCSB Director of Campus Planning and Design and official hearing officer for the meeting, proctored the open forum in front of a crowd of nearly 100 non-student attendees, but offered no personal input on the plan.

“The purpose of tonight’s hearing is to receive comments on the Long Range Development Plan,” Simpson said. “Tonight is for the public to comment and the university to listen.”

Susan Aguilera, vice president of the Storke Ranch Homeowners Association, said her community was opposed to the road expansion highlighted in the LRDP and has been gathering student signatures for a petition against the plan.

“I’ve been speaking to a lot of students,” Aguilera said. “I didn’t speak to any one student who knew about this. We got 46 signatures today. [The students] really do care.”

At the meeting, Aguilera protested the expansion of Phelps Road, citing the concern for local families and their children.

“We’re very concerned for the safety of our children,” Aguilera said. “There’s a daycare center and a play lot on Phelps Road. This especially affects the married students with children in the married student housing. I know from speaking with them today that none of them were aware of this.”

Michael Gentzkow, a fourth-year psychology major not in attendance at the public forum, said he was completely unaware of UCSB Vision 2025.

“I have never heard of the Long Range Development Plan,” Gentzkow said. “I mean, it sounds like something to do with the growth of the campus. Large campuses are just so boring. They’re so detached. It would suck if we turned into another UCSD.”

The public comment period for the LRDP ends on June 23 at 5 p.m., at which point the university will no longer accept submissions. For additional information, visit UCSBVision2025.com.