Editor, Daily Nexus,

The Daily Nexus endorsement of Steve Pappas (“For 3rd District Supervisor, the Daily Nexus strongly endorses Steve Pappas,” Daily Nexus, May 27) misconstrues many issues important to the UCSB and Isla Vista community.

The Nexus wrote that Pappas is the “strongest and best-researched” on environmental concerns, yet Doreen Farr’s record of environmental advocacy overwhelmingly eclipses the other candidates. Farr was the only supervisor candidate to show at hearings for Naples development and county hearings on Greka. The Sierra Club, Green Party and SB Democrats all endorse Farr. Farr was a chair of the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission and steadfastly championed preservation of the Gaviota Coast. Her record doesn’t lie.

Farr has also received the endorsements of the League of Conservation Voters, Service Employees International Union, P.U.E.B.L.O. and Congresswoman Capps. Ninety percent of Farr’s donations come from over 600 Santa Barbara County residents, meanwhile, Pappas has received nearly $100,000 from a cluster of about 30 North County property owners and loaned another $50,000 to his own campaign.

Most Farr staffers are UCSB alumni and understand the I.V. community. Farr has always been a consensus builder and she listens to students’ concerns, demonstrated by her frequent presence on campus and in Isla Vista for the past several months. The Nexus praised Pappas’ fairytale plans for I.V., but Farr was the only candidate to show up and stay for I.V. Master Plan Project Area Committee meetings.

Don’t be fooled. In the Santa Ynez Valley Journal, when asked what the most important issue facing the next supervisor, Pappas answered “tribal expansion” and liquor licenses. Farr has made it clear that her priorities are re-opening the supervisor’s office to all constituents and protecting our threatened environment. When you go to vote June 3,, ask yourself where your priorities lie.