Despite the seventh-week slump so many of us find ourselves in right about now, there are still a crap-ton of things that make me smile lately.

1. Gay couples can marry in California. Finally.

2. Julia Nunes. She’s this college girl who sings and plays ukulele on YouTube, and I’ve been listening to her for about three months now. She’s spunky and fun and – this is cheesy – her songs really give me a pick-me-up when I need it. Especially this one.

3. While we’re talking music…Kate Nash is my newest musical love. She’s bloody brilliant. My friend studying in England introduced Kate to me a couple weeks ago and I’ve been playing Foundations nonstop. Please don’t stare at me when I dance to Merry Happy [[“Merry Happy”]] in this glorious sunshine.

4. There are lots of really hilarious people with blogs. My two favorites: Redacted and Okay Seriously . Dan, who writes the Redacted blog, is such a funny writer that a girl wrote in to him begging him to keep blogging because she loved him so much. Now Dan and this girl Brooke are living together in Florida. How’s that for blog love? *cough cough* Boys, I’m waiting.

5. Paris Daily Photo . Oh, how my heart longs to be back in this city some days. Yes, I know not everybody will enjoy this one as much as me. Fear not, there are Daily Photo blogs for a bunch of other cities: just scroll down on the Paris page and look left. You’ll find it.

6. Step outside. See that sun? That’s reason enough to grin!