There are only a few more weeks left in the school year. To those graduating this June, you may be scared shitless. Or maybe you are excited to see what the post-college world has to offer. Or you are probably just scared shitless. Since it is my fourth year of college, many of my friends are graduating and trying to figure out what they want to do. Lucky for me, I have a summer in Europe and a fifth year at UCSB to look forward to. I still want to send my best buddies off with a bang. So for the past couple weeks, my soon-to-be departing friends and I have been compiling a list of all the fun things to do before leaving UCSB.

A few of the things we came up with I have already written articles about. These include Sunday Funday, the Isla Vista Loop, Old Town Tavern and Zodos on Wednesday, downtown on Thursday, drinking a keg on the beach, going to Coachella and going wine tasting. One thing I have yet to explain is one of the best by far. This is the event known as Pub Golf.

Pub Golf is an all-day event that must be played in a region where there are many bars close together. State Street is perfect for this. Basically, to play Pub Golf, you and a group of friends go to various bars downtown and have a different drink at each bar.

One essential rule to playing Pub Golf is that everyone participating must dress like actual golfers. Visors, golf hats, polos, golf shoes, plaid vests, long socks and khakis are not hard to find in your closet or a local thrift store. Dressing and talking like a golfer as you go from bar to bar is extremely fun and confusing to the locals.

To make sure things run smoothly, someone with experience must volunteer to be the organizer. This person has usually played before, or at least has read this column. The organizer of the event must carefully calculate which bars to go to, what to drink at each bar and how many strokes it takes to finish each drink. The organizer then prints this information on scorecards for each participant. The scorecard should feature about 9 to 18 different places and different drinks in a table format. A funny picture of a golf course or map of downtown should also be included.

An example of a scorecard entry might say Left At Albuquerque – Margarita – Par 4. This means that everyone playing Pub Golf goes to Left At Albuquerque together and everyone orders a margarita. You then must try to consume the drink in less than four attempts. An attempt is defined as picking the glass up and beginning to consume, and ends as soon as you stop drinking. The rules are pretty strict on each attempt. For you to get a hole-in-one there must be no pauses while drinking and there must be absolutely no liquid left in the glass.

To ensure fair play, you must put yourself into groups of twos or threes at the beginning of the event. In each group, you must take turns, with your teammates carefully watching to guarantee there is no cheating. After each “hole” you play, your teammate will mark on your scorecard how many attempts it took.

I have a few suggestions for places to go. Dargan’s is an Irish pub downtown, so naturally you should have an Irish Car Bomb. Joe’s Cafe is known for having the strongest drinks in Santa Barbara, so naturally you should have the strongest of the strongest: a Long Island Iced Tea. As for the other places, map out other bars that are close and have fun drinks. You should have a beer at a couple places, and some shots and shooters at others. Honestly, I can’t remember any more specific places except for the ones I have already recommended. I do know that when I played I ended up at some place that had darts. Apparently I had a shot of Jack and then chased my Aussie friend around the bar trying to jokingly stab him with the set of darts.

If you have never played Pub Golf before, round up a group of your friends before you graduate and try it. If you aren’t 21 yet, now you have a fun event to look forward to once you turn that beautiful age.