Editor, Daily Nexus,

Cassandra McGrath’s account of Coachella 2008 (“Indie Oh No,” Daily Nexus, May 1) is undoubtedly skewed. Being four-year veterans of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, we have to admit this year was a huge success. Over the years we have witnessed the addition of a third day as well as the relentless efforts of Goldenvoice – Coachella’s promoter – to meet the evolving needs of the eager festival goers. This year in particular, water and other commodities were more affordable, onsite camping was better organized, Port-A-Potties were better maintained, artistry and visual stimuli were at their best and efforts to make Coachella greener succeeded. During our three-day adventure, we gleefully ran from stage to stage to experience the diverse acts and unforgettable performances. Where else can you dance in the presence of the complete band of Pendulum, rage at the personal instruction of Dan Deacon and listen to a nonstop set of Dark Side of the Moon by the man who understands the album the best? Besides attending performances, a major part of Coachella is sweating, dancing and interacting with everyone and everything while harnessing your adrenaline and allowing it to transport you to an alternate reality. Coachella allows for the freedom of people – young and old – to act as they please.

Although in the midst of a desert, we could not think of a better venue: The lawn is enjoyable for all rockers and loungers, the accommodations are affordable, and it’s easy to find. McGrath’s bad experience was due to her own lack of preparation and her close-minded approach to the Coachella experience and all that it entails. We are enthusiastically saving our money in anticipation of our favorite weekend of the year.
Your exhausted Coachella campers,