One thing that bugs me about some classes is actually outside schoolwork. I am not talking about homework either; I am talking about having to watch videos on the weekends. First off, I am already in class for 11 hours per the five-day school week and then have to deal with two hours of study/homework time for every unit. That’s about 24 hours per week devoted to studying, plus the 11 hours of classes and labs, so I am spending 35 hours per week just on school shit. Add the extra 32 hours that I work every week, and I am gone from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, going between work and school. I think it is a little too much to force students to go back to campus to watch one to three hours’ worth of movies, especially on the weekends.

It would be one thing if these movies were available to watch online or at least to rent. When you have no other choice but to go to campus to watch them, it just makes life all the more difficult. If a professor requires a movie, he needs to show it in class. Like I really want to spend my Sunday evening watching some dumb movie for a history class. I am not one of those lucky students who don’t have to work, and I only have two days off a week. I really don’t want to spend about half of my day getting to school, watching the movie and then coming home, just to start the hectic week again. Even if the movie is only an hour long, it still pretty much ruins your day knowing that you have to go to school later that night. The worst part is that some of the Sundays have two movies required. Now it’s like a three-hour movie marathon. No thanks!

What happens if I am going to be gone that weekend? It is not my fault that I have a freaking life and like to buy my plane tickets early so they are cheap. I was not expecting to have to spend extra hours at school during my only time off. I can barely commit to going to class every day, let alone go out of my way to watch movies. The only movies I want to watch involve new releases and larger screens, not the chemistry building.