The Student Health and the Campus Learning Assistance Services student lock-in fees were reaffirmed in last week’s student elections.

The results for the other two campuswide reaffirmations – the University Children’s Center and UCSB/MTD Superticket Bus Program – will be posted today. These fee results have not yet been announced because they were included on the graduate student ballot, on which the voter turnout did not reach the required 20 percent threshold. The ballot was reposted on Friday and the results will be announced today.

Student Health’s $7 per undergraduate per quarter fee was reaffirmed with 67.04 percent of the vote. According to Student Health Budget Officer Mike Anderson, the fee is important to the continued operation of the clinic.

“This means a lot to us,” Anderson said. “If it wasn’t for the students, we wouldn’t be able to provide as many services as we could provide. I’m glad the students believe in us and want us to be the best medical facility that we can be.”

Students also voted to reaffirm the CLAS’s $6 per undergraduate quarterly fee, which passed with 82.48 percent of the vote[.

CLAS Director Lupe Garcia said the fee reaffirmation will help the program to continue to provide tutorial services for students.

“It’s keeping our door open,” Garcia said. “We can continue with the vision we have for the department.”