The second-annual UCSB All Gaucho Reunion will honor alumni this weekend with a lineup of competitions and ceremonies designed to unite past and present Gauchos.

The reunion, hosted by the UCSB Alumni Association, first kicked off last Thursday at the Mosher Alumni House and will proceed until this Sunday. Some events on the Gaucho agenda include the ninth-annual Alumni Golf Tournament as well as an inner tube water polo game and soccer match, which both alumni and students can partake in. The gathering will climax Saturday with the grand opening of the Mosher Alumni House to alumni with a ceremony for the classes of 1958, 1983 and 1998.

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Alumni Relations George Thurlow said the event aims to reinvest graduates in the UCSB campus and reconnect alumni with current students through various activities. Thurlow said he expects an impressive turnout.

“We expect as many as 3,000 alumni at events starting tonight and lasting through Sunday,” Thurlow said.

According to Thurlow, the unveiling of the Mosher Alumni House will feature three guest appearances and tours of the building.

“The grand opening will feature speeches by the Chancellor, a representative of the Mosher Foundation and the architect Barry Berkus,” Thurlow said.

The event will also host the Gaucho Gallop – a race featuring both human and canine participants – on Saturday near the University Center. In the Dioji Dog Dash, contestants can run with their dogs on a one-mile course and compete for prizes.

According to John Lofthus, Alumni Affairs Department Director of the Family Vacation Center, the event was designed to raise money in order to provide first-generation students with scholarships.

Lofthus also said the net profit from the event will go directly to the University of California Regents and then distributed to UCSB Financial Aid, so that it may provide scholarships to students.

A schedule of events and further information on the weekend’s events are available at