A team of future accountants from UCSB earned second place and $15,000 in a national audit competition held last week in New York City.

The contest, sponsored by KPMG – an international company that provides audit, tax and advisory services – featured teams from five accounting programs. Of the five universities selected to compete, UCSB is the only one that does not have an accounting degree or graduate program.

UCSB’s team consisted of four business economics students – third-year AnnMarie Stuart, second-year Zach Gould, fourth-year Tyler Patterson and fourth-year Matt Dunaj.

The $15,000 prize will go to the university’s accounting program.

The team presented a 30-minute oral audit analysis to a mock audit committee. After their presentation, the group was then peppered with questions during a 30-minute question and answer period, Bob Anderson, lecturer and faculty adviser to the team, said.

“People’s jaws dropped that were in the room watching over how well they answered their questions in the question and answer session,” Anderson said. “I worked for KPMG for 10 years and [the team’s] responses were as good as any I had ever seen.”

Dunaj, the team captain, said the group was pleased with the competition and their performance.

“We worked really well together as a team,” Dunaj said. “Our presentation covered everything they wanted us to cover.”