Underneath her friendly, easygoing exterior, Liz Buda is almost overqualified for the external vice president of local affairs position. As the head organizer of Chilla Vista, a coordinator of the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee, a student representative of the Project Area Committee and the former external coordinator for Students Teaching Alcohol and other Drug Responsibility, her intimate knowledge of the campus and Isla Vista extends far beyond the average student’s. The Nexus staff admired the foresight Buda demonstrated in her argument against banning buses and taxis into I.V. on Halloween. She supports a more logical warning-based system in place of the “zero tolerance” I.V. noise ordinance.

Reagan “Zekee” Silos runs on a platform of increasing student involvement with A.S – an admirable goal. When asked about other issues affecting the community, Silos appeared either bewildered or unknowledgeable, as if he failed to do the proper research. He did have some admirable goals for the EVPLA office, including the creation of an I.V. housing guide, but did not instill enough confidence in his qualifications for the position.