In response to Greka Oil & Gas Inc.’s recent slew of oil spills, 35th District Assemblyman Pedro Nava is set to propose two legislative measures today, both aimed at protecting the community and the environment from land-based petroleum releases.

As chair of the Joint Committee on Emergency Services and Homeland Security, Nava is holding a conference today at the County Courthouse in downtown Santa Barbara to discuss passing legislation that he said would allow for a more thorough prosecution of California’s biggest polluters. According to Nava, the current laws are not severe enough to pressure Greka into changing its methods of operation.

“As a former deputy district attorney it is imperative that state and local law enforcement officials and state agencies have all the necessary tools to pursue serial polluters in California,” Nava said. “It is unacceptable that the most egregious violators such as Greka Energy can continue polluting for years and not be held accountable and forced to clean-up their act.”

According to information the assemblyman has compiled, Greka has spilled over 500,000 gallons of crude oil in the water and soil of Santa Barbara County in the last eight years, with over half of the total amount spilled in the last several months.