Everyone and their mother has a MySpace page these days. And I am not kidding about their mothers, either. For the most part there is nothing wrong with MySpace, but there are a few things that are especially irritating about MySpace pages and some can haunt you forever. For example, being drunk, locking yourself in the bathroom, and leaving your digital camera out with your roommate equals in an embarrassing video of you puking posted for your friends and the other five billion people on MySpace to enjoy.

Besides posted videos, there is the enormous amount of space for people to post pictures of themselves and the “fun” shit they like to do. Here is my issue, I dislike the people who post new pics and then post a bulletin saying they posted new pics and demand you comment on their newly posted pix from ten minutes ago. First of all, you shouldn’t have to tell your friends to look at your shit, if they really were your friends they would have looked already. Secondly, don’t post that same threatening “look & comment or die” bulletin six times. I may have just missed a good bulletin from someone else while I was reading your bitching. I know there are tons of you out there that do this, but there are just as many people out there that find it irritating.

I don’t have many friends on my page, at least compared to “normal” MySpace standards, which seem to average around two to three hundred. All the friends on my page I actually know and for the most part (save some were those pity adds for a friend of a friend). These friend-whores crack me up: Is there some kind of a contest with a large prize at the end that I don’t know about? Everyday, my inbox is full of random people wanting to be my friend, just so they can add one more number to their list and never talk to me again. If I don’t add you the first time you want to be my friend, don’t ask again; there is a reason I denied you. I don’t care if you’re my cousin, I still don’t like you; and no, I don’t want to be your friend.

Then there are the 50 questions you’ve never been asked. Bullshit! I have already been asked my sign, and it is my middle finger, by the way. There is nothing wrong with a little survey every once in a while when you get bored at work. It is a whole other thing when you post four 100-question surveys in one day and again block my worthy bulletin posts! Do you have no life, or are you typing this shit up in Campbell Hall during a boring class, because there’s free Wi-Fi? If you are going to do all these surveys at once, do us all a favor; don’t post them all at once and don’t do the same one with different answers, people are going to think you switched personalities. All in all, minus these few irritants, MySpace is a great place to keep in contact with people from back home and your friend in the other room. If I don’t add you, it’s OK, I am just not that into you.