Here’s another fun Nicki fact for you: I’m still an *Nsync fan. If *Nsync gets back for a reunion tour (please God!), I will pay anything to sit in the front row. I’ll lose all my dignity and sleep in line for days for the chance to catch some of Justin’s Timberlake’s sweat.

Around the turn of this century, my boys were screwed over by Lou Pearlman. If you were a teeny bopper in the ’90s, you know the name. Lou is the guy who put together the Backstreet Boys– only sort of good – and *Nsync – mother-effing awesome. He roped ’em in when they were young and desperate for contracts and then screwed them out of millions of dollars. Both eventually left Lou and even sued him.

Finally, Lou Pearlman admitted to the $300 million fraud concerning these two groups and about 250 other individuals. The court expects him to plead guilty next week to fraud charges that might put him in jail for 25 years.

Excuse me while I do a victory dance. Woohoo! If news like this doesn’t make your week, well then you are just too hard to please. A message to the haters: True, *Nsync is no longer officially together. I don’t need you telling me about how the group is dead or that *Nsync N-sucks or whatever else you’re going to say to me. I have an irrational love for the boys, and I Want Them Back.