Local residents may notice an increase in their cable bill next month as Cox Communications institutes price adjustments on many of their cable packages.

Cox Community Relations Manager Jennifer Muench said the price hike was due to three specific reasons: increases in programming costs, network upgrades – including a larger variety of High Definition channels – and increases in operational costs.

The company hopes to increase options for their viewers by adding new HD channels for customers to choose from this year, Muench said. This expansion, she said, is one of the factors that contributed to the price hike.

“As we continue to upgrade and increase bandwidth, our operating costs increase,” Muench said.

Cox has already notified the customers who will be affected by the price adjustments, which will begin on March 15. However, not all customers will see their rates go up and the extent to which customers will be affected differs according to the individual services they subscribe to.

A total of nine cable services are set to undergo price adjustments. The Limited Basic package will increase from $26.64 to $29.14 and the Digital Basic will change from $62.24 to $68.74.

However, the price increases will have differing effects on students. University-owned residence halls are in a unique situation, Muench said, as they provide basic cable packages to residents as part of the housing fee. Because of this, most students living on-campus will not be affected by the price adjustments.

“I don’t see it affecting students who live in university-owned residences, unless those students have ordered advanced services from us directly,” Muench said.

Students residing in non-university owned apartments and homes who subscribe to Cox are most likely see an increase in their cable service bill depending on their current package and the extent of the extra services they currently subscribe to, Muench said.