I am an uncoordinated dancer. I tend to flail my body about when I attempt to “dance.” It is for this reason that I am very thankful when a song comes accompanied with a dance, like the Macarena or the Cha-Cha Slide. And dang if it’s not fun when everyone does the same dance moves in sync.

People in Manila are thinking along the same lines as I am. A new dance craze called the Papaya has caught on. Everyone is doing it, from the grocery store workers to grandmas to tourists from around the world. One man says it “just clicks” with everyone. The Filipinos love the Papaya so much that they have made it their unofficial national dance. It is imperative that any ambassador to the Philippines know the Papaya and be willing to perform it on a morning talk show. The host gives a “sincere warning” to President George W. Bush: “Pretty soon, Papaya will be invading the United States.”

No, Philippines, we will invade you with our own national Soulja Boy dance, and eventually even your prisoners will do it for crowds of adoring fans. HA! Planning on going out this weekend and looking to impress that hottie from class? I have great news. You can learn how to do the Soulja Boy dance from the best teachers in the world-American Girl Dolls!