Oh, confess already, you’re a flirt and you like it. Once you’ve got a belly full of wine, you start spittin’ game on everyone at the party. Even when you’re not drunk, you do that thing where you oh-so-slightly brush against his side while you’re walking together, or you text her with an innocent, “hey, q-t. wat’s goin on tonite?”

Don’t worry, Flirty McFlirtersons. You’re in good company. Time wrote an article on why we flirt. Almost everyone flirts, even if they don’t know it.

Women sometimes tilt their heads to the side, exposing their sensual neck or jugular. Men unconsciously flirting will keep their body in an open position that says, “Come on, attack me!” These motions tell the person (or people-naughty you!) they’re chatting with that they’re ready for some action.

Flirting is programmed into human nature. People have been flirting forever; Roman poet Ovid wrote the first how-to book on flirting about 2,000 years ago. Flirting is a game we have been playing for a long time, so now we’re pretty good at it. We sometimes use it as a default in situations where we don’t know how to act or when we’re trying to loosen things up.

Interestingly enough, single people and married people flirt the most. What? Married people? One reason is because we are a curious species. Married people like to see what kind of options they have… you know, just in case. Flirting can also make a person feel more alive and sexier, and who doesn’t want that?

So are you any good at flirting? Take this very scientific test to find out. Then get out there and flirt shamelessly, just like your ancestors did!