To begin, I want you to note that this is not directed at ALL of the glue-sniffing hippies from last Tuesday’s protest – just the few who told me they wish the military would disband and be done away with. Even though I am a staunch supporter of the war on terror, I have absolutely no quarrel with those who object to the war. Dissonance is what makes democracy great.

However, when one chooses to cross the line and inflict a stream of diatribes against our best and brightest, that’s where I step in. Though I find these scurrilous actions repulsive in every way, I am not surprised to hear these vituperative tirades come from the mouths of these far-left goons. I mean, they are simply impersonating left-wing elites like John Kerry, who accused our troops of terrorizing women and children in the dark of night; Dick Durbin, who compared our troops to Nazis; Hillary Clinton, who accused General Petraeus of lying; Jack Murtha, who accused our troops of murdering in cold blood; Barack Hussein Obama, who said our troops air-raid villages and kill civilians and, finally, Harry Reid, who said the war is lost. It must be galling for the American people to be exposed to this prevarication spouted by these angry pessimists.

Is this how we want to show support for our troops? Whether you agree or disagree with this war, I would hope all of us would show some support for our military. However, that wasn’t the case in last Tuesday’s protest. I was holding up a sign that said, “Freedom Isn’t Free,” while my buddy held one that said, “Soldiers, Fight for Your Rights!” While we were attempting to engage in a cogent discussion with two flaming hippies, they took our signs, tore them up, threw the pieces on the ground, shoved us and stormed off. Quite the “peaceful” approach, I must say. By tearing up these signs, I became aware that these hippies not only wanted to silence opposing positions, but they also abhorred the idea of students supporting the troops! I also got the sense they don’t like wearing deodorant either, but that’s not the issue. These hippies perseverate in supporting the same bumper sticker slogans such as “More Trees, Less Bush!” and “I LOVE paying high taxes!” If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be supporting Mrs. Bill Clinton or Barry Obama. Wait… Dems advocate tax hikes? No way, bro! Seriously though, their catchphrases are beginning to lose their zing. I mistakenly believed the nonsense concerning “blood for oil” had abated, but I was corrected when I saw some lonely soul wielding a “No More Blood for Oil” sign. C’mon folks, if you’re still under the delusion that this entire ordeal is about oil, then I urge you to refrain from watching freak Keith Olbermann.

Throughout last Tuesday’s protest, instead of hearing the clever ad hominem attacks of “fascist” or “warmonger” – although I was called those a few times – I did hear a stunning riposte. I thought the hippie who was screaming in my ear with her tofu breath had warped my brain, but I was indeed hearing this correctly. Some scallywag insisted communism was a great idea. Amazed as I was by his dizzying intellect, I suggested he go read a history book and re-structure his argument, aware that I was hopelessly requesting a substantive retort from someone who lives off of granola. (No offense to the vegans, I just despise hippies.)

To keep a long story short, I want to get a message out to everyone. We need to maintain strong support for the heroes fighting to keep this nation safe. They need it, and every little bit helps. They pay the ultimate price of blood to ensure our liberty and well-being, and the least we can do is honor them for their sacrifices. Above all, we must keep in mind one thing: Freedom is never free, and we must fight to preserve this blessing that has been so valiantly bestowed upon us.