A new California bill (SB 908) proposes to add to climate change to topics included in future science textbooks taught in public schools. The bill does not include political or social issues, like what we should be doing for the environment or which plastics we should be recycling in which boxes. It just states that climate change should be one of the things science teachers address.

To me, this is a no-brainer: Of course we should be teaching the young’uns about climate change. It’s a hot-button topic and is becoming increasingly important. Instead of learning information about global warming from their parents and friends (you know how everyone talks about climate change over juice boxes), why not have teachers who actually understand the topic teach it?

About two-thirds of California senators voted for the bill (26-13). Some who are against it, like Sen. Jeff Denham from Modesto, said that we don’t have “complete factual information” yet, so we have no business teaching it. Those who were against it were also all Republicans. Just saying.