Dude, Southern California Edison: W.T.F.?

How bout making sure that the power doesn’t go out RIGHT BEFORE THE FREAKING SUPER BOWL. No excuse for that one. We should all join together and inform those bastards that due to their awesome timing, we won’t be paying our electricity bills this month. Class action lawsuit, lets make it happen. That being said, you had to love the massive phone-tag game that broke out seconds after the T.V.’s went dark. I for one heard from people that I didn’t even know still lived in I.V. You phony bastards. I’m not renewing friendships just cause your T.V. won’t turn on.

Monday’s Forecast: “Hey, I know I barely know you, but uhhh yah the powers out. So uhhh what were your Super Bowl plans? Hello? Hello…wait don’t hang up…”